What’s Next

The big question (when you arrive is Cape Town after 20 months cycling nearly 25,000km) is ‘What next?’

Well, here’s the answer….


As you can see, I’ve set up a new website for my new adventures. I’ll keep this Take On Africa website live, but most things I post from now on will be on the new Helen’s Take On website. So if you’d like to keep up to date and read about my trips, then you can subscribe to receive email updates, just as before – sign up here:

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2 Responses to “ What’s Next ”

  1. Hi Helen,

    Still with you and enjoying all your posts! Questions: Are you considering a book, doc, video? Alternately, wondering if you have a gost writer/ compiler to do this with/for you? It certainly would offset future costs on new adventures or expeditions.

    This is a follow-up on letter sent in mid July last year. 🙂 Ron

  2. Congratulations on reaching Cape Town ! I hear you met Lars (the dutch guy I cycled with in Mauretania). Makes me feel like a very lazy person since I’m only in Bamako now…. Have fun preparing for your next adventure. I’ll follow the site to see how you’ll be doing. Cheers !

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