Warm-Up Day 4: A Wet Day…

Warm-up Day 4. A Wet Day…

… which explains why I haven’t left yet.

Bikes lined up outside my old college, St. Catherine's

Bikes lined up outside my old college, St. Catharine's

I finally left Cambridge late in the afternoon on Wednesday, having spent the day in town reminiscing over the good times I had there as a student (remembering the friends and parties more than the studies!).

I cycled through until dark when I arrived in St. Albans, 55miles later. Fortunately, a late call to a friend meant I had a sofa to sleep on and a roof over my head rather than in a tent pitched in some random field.

Cottered Windmill

Cottered Windmill

It was a relatively short ride the following morning to Chalfont St. Peter and I’ve been catching up with friends ever since.

Unfortunately I was rudely awoken by crashing thunder this morning and the ensuing rain has made the idea of cycling today less-than-appealing.

However, it’s onwards south to Hampshire for a wedding tomorrow, so I’d better dig out the waterproofs and start pedalling.

Some more trip stats from the last four days…

Cambridgeshire View

Cambridgeshire View

Total distance cycled: 101miles
Fastest Speed: 32.8mph
No. of bananas eaten: 2
No. of pints consumed: 6
Glasses of wine drank: 5
Weight of my equipment: 26kg (this seems a lot to me!)

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  1. Get out in the rain… just been watching the tour de france, they don’t stop because of a little bit of water!! 😉

    Best of luck on your journey and see you in Spain. Be intouch about route plans and meeting up somewhere!

  2. Hi!
    Good luck for ur departure day!

    Pedal carefully!

    Don’t forget the cow stats!!

    Love E xxx

  3. So I finally made it out the door and got rather wet – it finally cleared up as I arrived in Odiham. Typical!

    Not sure I’ll be adding cow stats – I’d be stopping every 5 minutes to count!

  4. Oh Lloydy, when I saw that rain falling just after we had said our byes I felt so bad for you!! At least you have arrived now! Here’s to no more rain for at least the next few days! x

  5. Hi,

    No. of bananas eaten: 2 (incl Warm-Up day 1 ?)
    No. of pints consumed: 6
    Glasses of wine drank: 5

    You should eat a bit more 😉 By the way: Sometimes in Africa you’ll enjoy cycling in the rain…


  6. Aw, the windmill photo has made me all nostalgic for rural British idylls 🙂

    Happy travels Helen, and hope to see you on the road somewhere.


  7. Lloydy, I am appalled by the caption underneath the picture of bikes outside Catz. Since when did we spell it the way of the Dark scum?

  8. Dave – fair point! better change that. Don’t think I’ve ever written it out in full. ‘Catz’ is far harder to get wrong!

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