Warm-up Day 1: A Long Day…

…but not many hours cycling.

Having only got back from California Friday evening and recovered from mild jet lag, I’ve not had a lot of time to get the last minute jobs done. But I’d decided to start cycling on Tuesday, and that’s what I was going to do.

I was up until the early hours organising; not packing, but teaching mum (as my laptop custodian) how to use a macbook, filing six month’s worth of paperwork – most of which ended up in the bin – and putting everything I own that’s not coming with me on (which is most of it) into ‘storage’ – thankfully my parents have a big house!
Then I was up early to pack… and re-pack… and unpack some non-essentials to try and lighten the load… and finally, shove everything back in the bags and load onto the bike.

Mum and my bikeBy the time I’d done this, had a little practise round the garden on the loaded bike and a mini photo-shoot with a photographer from the local paper it was quite late in the afternoon. So rather than get into Cambridge late (too late to shower and go out for drinks, that is), ever-reliable mum offered to drop me part way to give me a headstart.

So here I am, at a friend’s in Cambridge, having cycled 20miles as a warm-up for the long ride south.

Distance: 19.2miles
Max. Speed: 19.7 mph

No. of bananas eaten: 1
No. of wrong turns: 2
No. of squashed rabbits seen: 4

The ride itself was relatively uneventful – I haven’t quite mastered how to use the GPS, so I took a couple of inadvertant wrong turns. If I’d just taken the route I know, I’d have been fine. So I think I’ve learnt my lesson about blindly following an electronic device, but I suspect I’m going to have several more wrong turns over the next few thousand miles regardless. Other than that, it all went pretty smoothly.

5 Responses to “ Warm-up Day 1: A Long Day… ”

  1. Congrats for getting away! Hope you maintained balance in the wind. Can you give me a contact address for Poole? See you on Sunday, Peter

  2. Well done-you’ve started! It’s all downhill from here! Getting out the door is the hardest part. Good luck.

  3. Best of luck with your tour!

  4. Excellent – you’re off. Well Done! The packing and re-packing to shove it all back in sounds familiar.

    Im waiting for the news you’ve made it out of the UK and into the wine countries! The grapes should be plump and delicious by the time you make it to Southern France and Spain, so great for free roadside feasting / sampling.

    Looking forward to the next update.
    Take Care and good Luck getting out of Ol’Blighty.

  5. Hi,

    enjoy your trip. This could be a nice statistics: 5683 bananas eaten ;-).


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