Video of DR Congo Train Journey

For those who followed my trip through Africa, you’ll know that I loved the Congo. And sometimes hated it too! But mostly I loved it and those experiences in my 3 months there will remain with me forever and seem to be a benchmark and comparison for all I have done since.

And while I was in the DRC, I spent a few days on a train or hanging around waiting by the train. And this is the video

This will probably be my last Africa video for a while. I’m going to be putting a few together from my latest journey¬†cycling from Canada to Central America. In fact I’ve uploaded a couple already of our packrafting trip paddling 250km down Nicaragua’s rivers through Moskitia region.

But if you missed the blog the first time round, the DR Congo stuff is all linked here:

DR Congo



Waiting for the train in DRC

4 Responses to “ Video of DR Congo Train Journey ”

  1. I came across you page today and have to say I’m becoming your fan:) I would like to go to DRC soon and only this part of your travelling is amazing. After that I realized you cycled from Europe to South Africa. That’s something! I hope I manage to do something like that someday:)

  2. Thanks Jure!! I highly recommend a long bike ride!! and the DRC was great too…

  3. Hi Helen, amazing trip you made there in the Congo. When did you start your trip in Kinshasa? Do you think January – March is a good time to cycle there, or too much rain?

  4. I arrived in Kinshasa late September and spent almost 3 months making my way east. It was definitely dry at the start and raining more towards the end, but to be honest I have no idea what it would be like Jan-Mar time. Sorry, that’s not much help. I wouldn’t let the rain put you off though if that is the only time you can go!

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