Take On Africa is One!

One Year On The Road

I hope you don’t mind this little post – a proper update should be out tomorrow (when I sit down to write it)…. but something far more interesting has just occurred to me – It’s just over one year since I left the UK with the bike.

So, I’m going to wish myself and Take On Africa a Happy 1st Birthday!

So that’s one year on the road, 17 countries travelled through and I’ve just hit the 15,000km mark too.

Very exciting don’t you think? Well, it is for me!

I’m now in Cameroon’s highland’s where the weather is wet and cold – much like the day I left England. It’s a little like going full circle, except I’m still only about half way to my final destination.

My bike, gear and clothes however are all suffering much more than me. My bike is in desperate need of new brakes, chain and sprocket… so some maintenance is in order. Everything else seems to be getting holes in them and generally falling apart. Nothing serious of course and nothing that will stop me continuing – I just fit in better with the surroundings where everything is second hand or older than my parents.

On a more positive note, the charity I’m cycling to raise money for, the Welbodi Partnership recently had a massive boost – Welbodi and Becky Cridford just won the Vodafone Make A Difference competition. I’m sure Becky’s work at Welbodi will make a massive difference to the healthcare provided to the children of Freetown, Sierra Leone.

If you would like to support this fantastic charity, you can donate through my Take On Africa Justgiving page.

7 Responses to “ Take On Africa is One! ”

  1. Congratulations for the first year and the 15k km mark!! It’s been a fascinating journey as I’ve been always waiting eagerly for new entries about those places you riding..

  2. Congratulations Lloydy, that is great news that you have achieved such a fantastic milestone and that the Welbodi Partnership are doing so well.

    Catch up with you soon and well done

    Loads of love


  3. What you are achieving is truly outstanding.

  4. Congratulations What a tremendous life experience for you. Another push needed to help you to reach your target for supporting the Sierra Leone’s Welbodi children’s charity.

    Hope the bike spares arrive- I’m wishing.

    All our love

  5. Fantastic stuff Lloydy! Can’t believe I’ve now been reading these updates for a year – certainly makes my working week pass quicker!!!

  6. Congratulations from all at Chalgrove. Good luck for the rest of hte journey

    Norman Bailey

  7. Well done, you must be chuffed.

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