Statistics from the first month

For those who like numbers, here are some stats since leaving UK to my current location in Cordoba….

Days since leaving UK: 32
Nights in a tent: 27
Days spent cycling: 26
Days when it rained: 7
Rest days: 6
Nights spent wild camping: 4

Total distance: 1564 miles
Longest distance cycled in a day: 87 miles
Average daily distance: 50.5 miles (incl. rest days)
Average daily distance: 58.5 miles (cycling days only)
Max speed: 39.8 mph (I really want to break the 40mph barrier!!)

Max. temperature: 44 degrees (in Cordoba)

Biggest hill cycled up: 1609 metres (in Picos de Europa, between Potes and Riaño)

Roadkill: 43 (mostly birds, also cat, rabbit, badger, dogs, rats, hairy caterpillars, even a snake and some other unidentifiable mammals!)

Pints/bottles of beer drunk: 47
Bananas eaten: 36
Glasses of wine consumed: 32
Baguettes eaten: 24 (approximately)

And most importantly, miles per beer: 33 mpb!!

If you have any requests for other statistics, drop me a comment and I´ll start counting!

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  1. Hi,

    Ah – here are the bananas. Ideas for more statistics (normally a boys theme)

    – invitations (food drink / stay)
    – Touring cyclists met
    – Entrance tickets bought (no / money)
    – Cokes consumed (that would be mine)
    – Photos taken

    btw. your banana and beer statistic is too low 😉 (You have to increase before you reach the islamic countries)

    Keep on

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