Photos of Swakopmund

Swakomund is Namibia’s second largest town. You could mistake it for being German. It’s also not very big. Sleepy too.

Well, here are a few photos of the place…

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  1. Thanks Helen. A lot of the pics are not very African, but I love the creative angles.
    Best wishes.

  2. Great photos Helen! Further south is the skeleton coast full of deserted shipwrecks and empty towns where the dessert is creeping back in, great photo opportunities!

  3. If you’re off again on the 6th I’ll add a little prayer to my normal ones.

  4. Helen,

    If you are aiming for Cape Point– I live approx 30k from there on the Indian Ocean side of the peninsular–the very road to the end of Africa runs right past here! You are welcome to stay if you need somewhere or require information—just ask!


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