Photos of St. Louis, Senegal

A collection of photos from the last few days in St. Louis…

Went to a concert last night of El Hadj N’Diaye – his group play traditional Senegalese folk music. Staying another night now too since there’s more music happening on the beach this afternoon.

I’m loving St. Louis – it’s a great town to relax and just wander aimlessly through the streets among the crumbling buildings and along the beach with the local fishermen playing football. The place reminds me a little of Cuba in fact…. the fading architecture, the bars, the lively music, the chilled-out atmoshpere…

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  1. Hiya,
    Still following your progress with interest! I dont know how you find the time to take such great photos AND down load them. The internet must truely be worldwide! Take care and hope you are keeping fit and well.

    Good luck!

    Martin K

  2. Excellent photos! Really love those colours… I’m looking forward to the next batch. Take care.

  3. Hi Helen,
    Saw report in Newspaper about your trip, then saw your dad in Diss.
    I have checked your progress a couple of times and love your photos.
    Who would have thought that you would use your Further Maths in this way?
    I am very jealous.
    Best wishes
    Bronwen Moran

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