Photos of South Africa

Cape Town!! I made it. After 24,600km and 1000+ beers!

It’s a great feeling!

Anyway, here are some pics from the last bit of the trip from Namibia into South Africa and along the West Coast. I spent the weekend by the Berg river in Velddrif (Thanks to Rusty, Kim and co who put me up and put up with me) before the last push to Cape Town.

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  1. Helen I have just let out a cheer. Don’t know whether you heard it but it was meant for you. ” Girl on a Bike” One of the last pics was a beautiful sunset, I’m going to try and copy it, to treasure. South Africa must know you have arrived. I have got a big smile on my face and a wonderful feeling. What a woman.
    I shall certainly miss your messages.
    Good Luck.

  2. Well done Lloydie, I am so proud of you and so relieved that you got there safely, I have loved your photos and commentaries, so thanks loads for entertaining me through out your trip. Very much looking forward to seeing you very soon on your next adventure in North America. Have you thought about hiring a space to display all of your photos and raise some money for your charities? I would definietly buy some of the photos….

    Anyway congratulations and glad you are safe. Send my love to Rob and Anna

    Loads of love


  3. Also liked the Church facing Heaven. Very creative.

  4. Helen

    Congratulations. What an achievement and what an adventure you have had. I have been fascinated by your progress over the months and have enjoyed all the photographs of the journey.

    What happens now? How do you follow that?! Will you write a book on your experiences or go on a lecture tour? Or do you have another journey in you?

    I am so pleased that you have safely completed a journey that must have included some dangerous times. Good luck for the future.

    Best wishes

    Norman Bailey – MBA retired!

  5. Hi Helen,
    congratulations for this extraordinary deed. Since your start I read your reports and pictures.
    Only 3 months ago I made a bike tour from Cape Town to Windhoek which took 4 weeks. In comparision to your distance it had been hardly more than a snatch.
    Best regards

  6. I have been following your trip since seeing your posts on the CTC Forum last year when you were having serious bike problems. What a trip! I know Africa quite well and used to live in South Africa (1980-1984) but to see it from a bike – wow. We travelled the Maun road in 1980 but not on a bike; roadworks then consisted of a tree towed behind a tractor to sweep the sand, reckon you were lucky with those cats though! Aside from the major accomplishment I must compliment you on the professionalism of this website and your beautiful photos. You are obviously a very talented person and I wish you well with your next venture. Maybe South America where I now work in Brazil, but live in the UK? Only 1000+ beers during all that time though, something to work on when you get home. Very well done. Graham

  7. Congratulations and well done Helen!
    Been occasionally checking your progress via your website for a while now, since you had the problems with the Rohloff, did you send it back for new bearings or did you just keep it running as it was?
    How about an update on the CTC and Thorn forums when you get a chance?

  8. Quite a ride Helen.
    You are ONE gutsy lady!!!!!!!!!

    I have enjoyed your ride through your eyes. You write such a good blog, that i could have done with more words to describe the picture you show through your lens. This is not a criticizm just a point i would have liked.

    You can put your feet up now and look back at a humongous effort with that freezing cold beer in your hand.

    All the best.

  9. Helen-

    Congratulations! You are a total inspiration. I have been following you for a long time and it is very exciting to see you made it.

    Best of luck on the next 1000+ beers. I hope they come a little easier :).

    I’m only 50 or so in to my world tour. The tortilla count in Mexico is up over 500 now though ;).

    tailwinds to ya,

  10. Well done and congratulations!

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