Photos of Niger River Boat Trip – Campsites

We spent 15 days on the Niger river – that’s 14 nights camping in the ‘wild’. The last night, having arrived in Kouroussa, we were able to check into a hotel!

The photo slideshow includes a photo of every spot we stayed, except one night when I forgot to get my camera out. That night, we camping up on the bank of the river in the bush, under trees – you would never have known we were near a river that night!

I’ve also updated the route map to include the route cycled to my current location, Bamako in Mali. I’ve marked on (in white) where I have been camping each night, including for the 15 days while paddling down the Niger River between Faranah and Kouroussa.

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  1. Funny to see you both with the same tent – thought you might have snuggled up in one – ha. Was it damp at night? I don’t bother with the fly as I can’t star gaze with it. Some great spots there – your tents still look in very good condition. My fly sheet has a small hole in – duct tape job.

  2. Hi Helen,

    I’ve been in email contact with Lars for quite some time now. Just recently discovered your website .. awesome pics! I absolutely love the way you guys ‘pitched’ your tents on those rocks in the Niger River.
    Although I do read some Swedish, it’s a relief to read your adventures in English.
    Good luck on your way down to Cape Town! (I’ll be there myself in June)



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