Photos of Gabon and the Republic of Congo

Here are some photos from the latest part of the journey.

I travelled south from Yaounde in Cameroon through Gabon to a small town called Booue. Having drunk some dodgy water and thrown up in the middle of the town crossroads, I thought it best to leave as soon as possible. This I did by taking the train to Franceville. From there it was three days (one day cycling on tarmac and two days mostly pushing the bike through sand) to Okoyo across the border in the Republic of Congo, where I am at the moment.

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  1. Helen, So good to hear from you again and a little unexpected. Nice photos including those of yourself. May be better to stick to the beer and leave the water where it is. You’ve got to be fit to get through some of that red sandy stuff. I like the idea of a train ride now and again.Best wishes. Keep safe.

  2. Water?? – Shouldn’t it be Um Bongo in the Congo?

    best wishes, Mark and Heather

  3. Well done Helen – we have been wondering how you would get on with that sandy road… it was hard enough in a Land Rover. Will be thinking of you as you tackle the rest. Good luck. Taniya

  4. By the way – once you hit the tar in the DRC you have finished the toughest road of the trip. Perfect tar from Obouya to Matadi & whilst the roads in Angola aren’t great in places, they are nothing like as bad as the sand in the DRC. Keep smiling. T

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