Photos of Damaraland, Namibia

Well after a week of wet marking my entry into Namibia, things started to brighten up. Not only did the sun come out, but I got off the tarmac roads and hit the gravel through some of the most beautiful scenery I’ve travelled since…. Guinea probably! So happy to be back in the desert…

Photos from Damaraland. From Khorixas, through the petrified forest region to Twyfelfontein with some cool rock engravings and then on south towards the Brandberg mountains along 4×4 trails… Fun!

3 Responses to “ Photos of Damaraland, Namibia ”

  1. Well Africa Woman! They are good. How many spare batteries did you take for the camera and memory cards? Every time I think about what you are doing I wonder how you manage to carry so much. It is so good to see and hear from you.
    Wish I was there.
    Really good wishes.

  2. Great photo’s again Helen. Namibia is just sooo photogenic isn’t it. Glad to hear you are enjoying being back in the desert. T

  3. Nice photo’s again ! I’ve got wifi where am staying now, so I’m browsing slowly through them. I’m now in Bissau. I’ll enter Guinea in a week or so to see the beautiful scenery you’re talking about. Good luck with the last part of your trip !

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