Photos from the Fouta Djalon, Guinea

The ride from Labe through the heart of the Fouta Djalon hills towards Kindia in the south of Guinea was simply stunning. The photos don’t really do the place justice unfortunately, but perhaps they give an idea of what it was like. The journey took longer than expected, primarily because one day we ended up on the wrong road, another day I had a continuous saga with my rear tyre deflating and my pannier breaking and then just because I have had dodgy guts for the week which has made me even weaker and made the hills even harder to climb / drag my bike up.

Anyway, I’ll post a full update of the adventures when I reach Freetown and have time to write more. Enjoy.

8 Responses to “ Photos from the Fouta Djalon, Guinea ”

  1. looking forward to that next report, meanwhile Blessings x

  2. who is the bloke on the rock????????????????????????????

  3. gorgeous pictures as always, bringing back fantastic memories. Hope you are feeling better.

  4. Lol, Who is that writing under my name???? Lesley??? I think your computer is still set as “Wotto” – Lol….or someone is posing as me!
    Great pics and i think the bloke on the rock is probably Lars!!….just answering the “not wotto” person’s reply.
    From Russia with Snow, Ice and freezing temperatures.
    The Real Wotto Xx

  5. Well Catherine it is only fair as the number of times you have communicated with my son under my name leaves me a great deal more opportunities to go on my side.

    Anyway it was technical as your name and details were already there and I didn’t see why they should change. I felt it would be hubris to change them.

    I had not envisioned Lars as the person on the rock as I had an image of him that was completely different, we need more input here Lloydy.

    From Buckinghamshire with Snow, Ice and freezing temperatures.

    Not the Wotto

  6. this pictures are great and i think the rich cascade fouta djalon
    the water castle of west africa,rich in fauna and flora is the place to be.with gorgious clifs, evergreen valleys,rollig grass
    mountains.breath taking landscape love to be there again.

  7. Hi Helen
    Guinea is on my want to go list. It’s more or less an unknown destination and from you journal it seems like a very beautiful country with friendly people. Am I right or would you add something to that?
    Take care, Jure

  8. Jure – that sums it up well! The Fouta Djalon was one of the most beautiful areas I cycled through in West Africa… and yes, the people are very friendly and I had no hassle.

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