Photos from the DR Congo – Trip to Zongo Falls

In the nearly two weeks I spent doing very little in Kinshasa, I did manage to get off my backside and do a short 2-day trip on a less-loaded bike. After seeing the bonobos at the Lola Ya Sanctuary, I headed to the Zongo falls.

Here are the photos from the ride and at the falls: (not sure if the slideshow is working so click the link if not)

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  1. Beautiful photo’s Helen. We loved the Chutes de Zongo, but were ever so disappointed to find that new centre there, as we had expected to be wild camping by the falls. It was OK though (if a little expensive) & the staff were very nice. The water was a little higher when we were there & on the other side you really got a proper ‘douche’ from the spray – but we didn’t have the beautiful flowers that were out for you. A bit of a detour, but worth it. I hope you enjoyed them as much as we did. Good luck with your trip east – looking forward to hearing all about it. Taniya

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