Photos from DR Congo – Taking the Train

From Mbuji-Mayi I cycled a couple of days to Kaniema on the border between Kasai and Katanga provinces. It turns out that the 260km of dirt ‘road’ takes just as long by ‘public’ transport!

After relaxing in Kaniema for over a week, I took the train to Lubumbashi. The first half was fast – a South African run affair. The second half was slow – Congo style – it wasn’t bad when we were moving, but most of the time was spent stationary (either at a station or in the bush).

10 days in Lubumbashi was enough to sample most of the best restaurants, bars and clubs and catch a bout of malaria and food poisoning.

But now I’m rested and have hit the road again to the border. So greetings from Zambia.

I’m already missing the Congo… for many reasons! Enjoy the photos.

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  1. Helen a delight to hear from you. The pictures are good and some I’m sure you will treasure. African trains are not much fun at the best of times. Your journey was not so good it seems. Real sorry to hear about the malaria and food poisoning but it seems you also had some enjoyable times. Good for you. Now you have got the bad luck and the Congo out of the way, I’m sure you will travel 1st class again. Jambo
    Zambia.My thoughts go with you.

  2. Congrats on crossing the DRC! Thanx for sharing your photos, again.

    I wonder where you’ll be ? I’m sure that there will be a story to tell.
    A hreartfelt thanks for all the pleasure that you bring – pics and travel updates .
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    chosen charity “WELBODI ‘ bringing much needed care to children in Sierra Leonne. ‘ Seasonal Greetings’ to everyone who has donated and all of you who are going to .
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  4. These are an inspiration to me as I plan a similar trip in 2012.
    A an Englishman in America I shall have to pay close attention to your advise!

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