Photos from a day out at Rooisand Farm, Namibia

Three tiresome days from the coast in the direction of the Gamsberg Pass and I arrived at Rooisand Lodge. No, there’s no camping here. Oh. I asked to fill up my waterbottles instead. Instead, Tobias the manager said they were closing due to change of ownership but if I wanted there was a room (with bed) free. Excellent. Even better.
Next morning after a leisurely breakfast, all packed to hit the road, Tobias asked if I wanted to go with him over the 25,000 hectare farm to check the water level of the dams (pretty high from all the recent rain). Sure. Why not. Beats cycling.

Here are a few pics from a lovely, unexpected, day out which ended with an almighty thunder and lightning storm in the evening…



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  1. Beautiful photos!

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