Calendar 2010 – Views From The Road

I was looking through some of my recent photos and thought I’d put together a calendar of some of favorite images from the first few months of my trip.

So here’s the calendar for 2010 – I make a small amount from the sale of these calendars and will be donating this to the charity, Welbodi Partnership, I’m cycling for.

It could make a nice present if you still haven’t done the Christmas Shopping! (But note the deadline is 13th December to be delivered in time.)

The images can also be bought as prints, postcards etc – again, any profits will be going to the Welbodi Partnership.

Calendar 2010 - Views From The Road

Calendar 2010 - Views From The Road

2 Responses to “ Calendar 2010 – Views From The Road ”

  1. Fantastic, sold!!! xxx

  2. Potential purchasers might like to know that an eminently reputable English seed company Thompson and Morgan is advertising the sale of the seeds of the upside down tree (Adansonia Bombacaceae Baobab digitata) Grows 50- 70 ft in the natural state. Quote of the 2010 edition in their seed catalogue. “A real conversation piece! Can also be grown as an indoor house plant.”
    Returning to my mundane reality, my”Calendar 2010 – Views from the road” has just arrived.
    Excellent quality, very professionally produced with great photographs from Helen.
    Where are you?…………. Give her some support and help her chosen charity Welbodi !
    In the bigger picture you won’t miss the cost of a calendar but if enough friends support kids in Sierra Leone will know that with your help life can be better. “HAPPY NEW YEAR”

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