Photos of Chobe River Wildlife, Botswana

After crossing the border into Botswana, I stayed a couple of days in Kasane, at Thebe River campsite. One afternoon I took a river boat cruise down the Chobe River. We saw plenty of hippos and crocodiles amongst other wildlife and the scenery was simply beautiful.

Here are the photos from the trip…

2 Responses to “ Photos of Chobe River Wildlife, Botswana ”

  1. Helen, I’m very envious of the photos. Great stuff.Norfolk is drizzly and dull after the holidays. There is too much temptation to stay indoors. Now I must get out and do something. It’s really good to hear from you and the change in your journey.
    Best wishes.

  2. Great Pics matey. Like the wildlife (well like them from my computer screen….not sure I’d be so relaxed if I were there!!).
    Happy Travels.

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