Getting organised, getting excited

I have just bought a ferry ticket to France – and so on the 20th July I shall be arriving in St. Malo; looking forward to two years cycling across two continents to reach Cape Town, some 20,000km away.

So the departure date is fixed and getting ever nearer. As it does, I’m getting increasingly excited in anticipation of the trip and becoming increasingly busy making last minute preparations (which needn’t have been last minute, if only I’d got on with it six months ago as originally intended).

Me and My BikeI spent the gloriously sunny, last weekend biking in Dorset, having collected equipment for the trip from my sponsors, Webtogs. I still haven’t loaded up the bike yet, but at least I’ve been covering the miles.

Any other equipment I need, I’ve been searching for and buying bargains on ebay. Only problem is that cameras, lenses, laptops and tents are never cheap – This last week, I’ve been single-handedly helping Britain spend it’s way out of this recession!

Fortunately, I’ve arranged with the local bike shop owner to give me a crash course in bike maintenance and repair next week. That way, I’ll know what to do with all the tools and cables, tubes and chain links, nuts and bolts I’ve been carrying around when I break down on some dusty path in the expansive, desolate savannah. Not that it’ll stop me from crying like a little girl and wondering why on earth I thought cycling through Africa was a good idea, before realising that no-one’s coming to help me anytime soon and if I want to make it to the next town, I’d better get on and fix it myself.

So pretty much all that’s left then is to arrange my finances; get some travel insurance, my last vaccination and a comprehensive first-aid kit; move anything I’m not taking into ‘storage’ (parents’ place!) and have a leaving party; with any spare time spent looking for ways to help raise money for the Welbodi Partnership.

I’m hoping that I’ll get it all sorted before my last day of work next Friday, before I take a ‘short’ 3-week holiday in California for a friend’s wedding and certainly before ‘the big trip’ begins when I board the ferry to St. Malo on the 20th July.

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  1. hey helen… ‘good luck’.

  2. Looking forward to following you on your adventure

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  4. hey helen it sure beats cycling round norwich ring road / just read about ur forthcomin expedition in the edp wed15th edition wishin u all the best shall be keepin up with ur progress via the website /will also send a donation 2 ur charity as well/all the very best /hopefully not 2 many puntures all the best /trevor

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