Photos from France (part 2)

Here’s some more photos from the journey through France, from Rochefort to Sauveterre de Bearn (where I’m now relaxing).

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  1. Helen,

    Fantastic photography, very discerning eye! I am wondering where you plan to cross the Pyrenees. On your way there are several caves with prehistoric artwork. First to mind is Niaux in the foothills, with animals painted on walls and footprints of children.
    This may not be related to the purpose of your tour, but it would relate to a lot of the artwork you are going to experience throughout your African tour – an intro to your journey?
    You have this ancient nomad thoroughly hooked on your expedition.
    I have been following Roz Savage since ’05, and many other adventurers before and since. You have only just begun, so have the opportunity to dance a bit through France and Spain before the real grind begins in Africa. Yours is already a unique adventure of a very well-gifted chronicler.

    Outshine Hemingway, woman; and may your star shine brilliantly at all times.


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