6 Months of Statistics – The Road to Freetown

I’ve been on the road now for 6 months (I can hardly believe it!), so I thought it was time for a little update in numbers.

Total distance cycled: 9219 km
Days since leaving UK: 178
Countries visited: 10

Longest distance cycled in a day: 178 km (in Western Sahara)
Average daily distance: 52 km (incl. rest days)
Average daily distance: 84 km (cycling days only)

Pints/bottles of beer drunk: 202
Glasses of wine consumed: 112

Km per Beer (or glass of wine): 29 kpb

Nights in Africa: 128
Nights wild camping in Africa: 52
Nights in paid accommodation in Africa: 42

8,953* times I have been called ‘Toubab’, ‘Branco’ or ‘Oporto’
1,622* mosquito bites
400 grams of chocolate eaten since arriving in Freetown
71* mayo sandwiches eaten
43* times I have been given the wrong change
15 days – longest time without a shower (bucket wash in dirty hotel doesn’t count!)
12 days – longest time wearing same bike shorts without washing them
11 river crossings (by boat)
10* – most number of times I have had to pump up my bike tyre in a day
9 different currencies I currently have (pound, dollar, euro, rand, CFA, Guinea Franc, Leone, Ouguiya, Dalasi)
8 – number of books I am travelling with
7 snakes or scorpions seen (alive)
6 times I have crossed into or out of Guinea (legally or otherwise)
5 other cycle tourers met in Africa
4 times I have locked the bike in Africa
3 marriage proposals
2 dead people seen (bike accident in Morocco, hit and run in Sierra Leone)
2 accidents caused (local people on bikes crashing)
1 termite embedded in my leg
1 time I have fallen off the bike
0 bribes paid (2 demanded)

Bananas eaten: lost count!
Roadkill: lost count!

* approximate numbers

3 Responses to “ 6 Months of Statistics – The Road to Freetown ”

  1. Love it! (I’ve doubled your longest-time-without-a-shower (excluding bucket showers), but you’ve doubled my longest-time-without-washing-bike-shorts – not sure which is worse…)

    Liking the kpb too 🙂

  2. Great stats Helen. Hellish they be with bumps and bruises. Must be a kaleidoscopic emotional ride, also. Have experienced many slips, slides, bumps and bruises traipsing around in the wilderness over the past past 50 + years BUT rarely chronicled or photographed those adventures.

    Your blogs are fascinating and your photos are exemplary. Keep on peddling along… merrily!


  3. Hi,

    the “bucket wash in dirty hotel” should count.

    What we did in Ghana: We asked for a bucket hot water. This was better than a normal shower… (But cold water bucket don’t count…)

    Fortunately I never saw dead people during my trips.


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