10 months of statistics – to Accra

It’s 10 month’s since I left the UK. I’ve made it to Ghana. And it’s time for a summary of the trip so far, by numbers. I’ve posted some statistics on my main sponsor’s, Webtogs, blog: Togblog

I’m currently back in the UK getting a new passport, which I’m eager to fill up with lots more African visas. I’ll be returning to Accra mid-July to take up the biking again. The journey to Cape Town to be continued…

In the meantime, hope you enjoy the stats!

4 Responses to “ 10 months of statistics – to Accra ”

  1. The stats are brilliant way to start the working week!! Thanks Lloydy xx

  2. Yo Helen!

    Trading wild African rain for the colder English version? Cycling the big A rains in a bikini unappealing?

    Getting a tremendous amount of liquid sunshine here, also. Enjoy you vacation at home, on a bicycle to keep in shape.


  3. Helen,
    Good to hear from you again. I was getting a bit worried. I’m glad to hear you have not given up on the bike or the journey.
    Looking forward to more tales and photos of the African bush.

  4. Hey Helen,

    My partner and I are currently on a cycle tour of our own- Istanbul to Cape Town. However, we have stopped for a few months in Damascus waiting for the weather to cool down and will begin peddling again at the end of August.
    I just wanted to say how much I love your statistics, I have a journal filled with loads of similar, crazy stats. Although, I have fallen off my bike 6 times and we have only cycled 2200km so far – So your well ahead of me there!
    Anyway, all the best and enjoy, it was great coming across your site.

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