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Video of Cycling across the Sahara

Video of Cycling across the Sahara

I’ve just created a short video of the cycle from Morocco through the Western Sahara and Mauritania. You can check it out on my new website: Helen’s Take On… video of Cycling Across the Sahara

A Whole Lotta Sand

Day 1 – Slow start Not even half a day in reality. By the time we’d had breakfast, packed our panniers, checked emails and then carried the bikes down the narrow stairs of the hotel it was nearing the end of the morning. We had decided to cycle the twenty-or-so kilometres to El Marsa port […]

Photos from the Western Sahara

Made it into Nouadhibou in Mauritania, having crossed the Western Sahara in little more than six days. It was good, but time for a break…. There’s more desert where I’m headed!

Trans-Saharan Crossing Begins

Trans-Saharan Crossing Begins

Gateway to the Sahara Guelmim, the ‘gateway to the Sahara’ as it is known, which hints at it’s former importance as a trading post on the caravan routes of old, had few distractions for a solo cyclist like myself. I spent little more than 24 hours in town and fairly evenly divided this time between […]

Photos from the Sahara, Morocco and Western Sahara

Photos from the last few days. Cycling from Guelmim, the gateway to the Sahara; to Laayoune, the first major town in the disputed Western Sahara which has been well and truly claimed by Morocco. Having a second rest day before cycling again tomorrow. There’ll be no more breaks for the next 800km to Nouadhibou in Mauritania. […]