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Namibia (part 1) – The Wet

What’s not to love in Namibia? Beryl Markham, a remarkable woman who grew up in East Africa, wrote: ‘So there are many Africas. There are as many Africas as there are books about Africa… Being thus all things to all authors, it follows, I suppose, that Africa must be things to all readers. Africa is […]

Cameroon's Highlands

Cameroon’s Highlands

Time to hit the hills. Time to take on Cameroon’s Highlands. Top Speed I cycle out of Bamenda, refreshed after the rest. The road sweeps around the green hillsides and I look out down the valleys into the distance. I am reminded of an English summer on a crisp, clear morning before the sun warms […]

A Day at the Border

Ever since originally planning this Africa trip I had wanted to see the highlands of Cameroon. The guidebooks say it is beautiful. My map shows the roads as ‘scenic’. My map is flat. The countryside is definitely not. But I didn’t have to worry about that in the comfort of my own bedroom in England. […]

Nigeria – It’s Been Wet

Out of Abuja From leaving the Abuja, it was nearly 600km and five full days of cycling to reach the Cameroon border. But first, back to Nigeria. I had entered Nigeria with some trepidation. I knew little about the country, but two words above all others I associated with it. Corruption and Kidnapping. If I […]

Tour de Burkina Faso – My Way

Tour de Burkina Faso – My Way

Ouagadougou – Bobo – Banfora – Bobo Any Which Way Leaving is always hard. It’s not that I fear the open road. I don’t fear the unknown. On the contrary. That’s why I travel. That’s why I travel by bike. But no matter how much I know I will love the freedom and the new […]

Interview with Brian from Korean-World

I’m hoping to do a podcast interview with Brian in the coming months, but for now the internet connections in this part of West Africa are too slow. So, for now, I’ve answered a few of his questions here over at his Korean World blog. Below is a copy of the interview…. 1. What is […]

Andalusian Delight

Andalusian Delight

Cordoba and Seville provided my first real taster of Andalusia. Moorish architecture and style with partial christian transformations hinted at the complex history of the region. Andalusia is also the birthplace of Flamenco and there is no shortage of shows and kitsch shops selling polka-dotted dresses and cheap fans. The region is also famed for […]

The Sum of all Troubles

One dedicated reader commented recently that I’ve not mentioned many troubles encountered. The simple reason for this is that, so far, I’ve not encountered many problems. Well, nothing that has caused me any serious issues. Certainly nothing that’s made me think, ‘why exactly am I doing this?’ or ‘what I’d give right now to be […]

The Heat Is On

The Heat Is On

The Spanish Interior – From Leon to Cordoba Homeless in Leon The rest day in Leon was spent in a bit of a stupor having had far too little sleep the night before. By the afternoon, having been turfed out of the hostel, I was capable of little more than lying on the grass in […]