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Bike Equipment Review – After 25,000km

I wrote a review of the bike equipment after a year on the road, from Yaounde in Cameroon, after 17,000km. Now, having completed my ride to Cape Town, after 25,000km in total, it’s time for an update. Since Yaounde there has been little to fix – the wobbling wheel got worse but I lived with […]

Equipment Review

This is quite a thorough list of how the bike, panniers and racks have held up and problems I have had. Most people won’t want to read beyond this intro, which is fine. I just hope that perhaps for anyone planning a similar trip, they may find some of these notes useful in helping decide […]

Test riding the new bike

I finally picked up my new Thorn Raven bike this weekend and having been for a couple of outings can say I’m really quite happy with it. It took most of the first ride to get used to the rohloff twist shifter and the second to get used to the toe-clips, but now I’m feeling […]

A New Bike

A New Bike

For months I have been deliberating what I am going to need to take on my trans-African bike ride. Listing the basic kit I need is easy; the difficulty is in the details and the hardest decision so far has been choosing which bike to buy. After countless hours of research, I have managed to list my […]