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Photos of Central Namibia – Coast to Dunes

From sleepy Swakopmund on the coast I headed south to Walvis Bay. Then it was a tough ride inland across the desert, up the Gamsberg Pass and down the Spreetshoogte Pass to Solitaire. Another day’s ride and I finally made it to Sesriem from where I went to see the famous dunes at Sossusvlei. Photos […]

Photos of Swakopmund

Swakomund is Namibia’s second largest town. You could mistake it for being German. It’s also not very big. Sleepy too. Well, here are a few photos of the place…

Beside the seaside

Beside the seaside

Having survived the desert, I was dropped off in Rissani – a small, friendly town with little to distinguish it except that it lies practically on top of the site of Sijilmassa, the fabled city that was a thriving commercial centre at the head of the trans-saharan gold trade routes. As has become customary, within […]