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The Great Niger River Boat Trip - Part 2

The Great Niger River Boat Trip – Part 2

Day 4: 9th Feb 2010 Quiet morning – shallow maze – near-disaster – crocodile island Following a quiet morning on the river where progress was slow but steady, the afternoon brought with it a maze of rocks and shallow waters that slowed progress drastically. We would stop paddling and stand up to get a better […]

The Great Niger River Boat Trip - Part 1

The Great Niger River Boat Trip – Part 1

Day 1: 6th Feb 2010 Departure – 3 beers – Boh’s helping hand – will we make it to Bamako? It’s Saturday in Faranah; our boat is built and afloat on the river, our belongings have been wrapped and packaged in plastic bags ready for the trip, we have cycled into town for breakfast and […]

Photos of Niger River Boat Trip – Campsites

We spent 15 days on the Niger river – that’s 14 nights camping in the ‘wild’. The last night, having arrived in Kouroussa, we were able to check into a hotel! The photo slideshow includes a photo of every spot we stayed, except one night when I forgot to get my camera out. That night, […]

The Birth of Joliba II

The Birth of Joliba II

(Joliba Fila – Joliba meaning ‘Great River’ and Fila meaning ‘2’ in Manding) Travels down the Niger River – 350km, Faranah to Kouroussa (Guinea) 6th – 22nd February 2010 The Idea The idea of a boat trip came about during discussions with Lars, way back in the early days of cycling through the Western Sahara. […]

Photos of Niger River Boat Trip – Views of the River

Some views of the Niger River; photos taken during the two week paddle from Faranah to Kouroussa in Guinea…

Photos of Niger River Boat Trip

We expected it to take 10-14 days to paddle down the Niger River from Faranah to Kouroussa in Guinea. It took 15 long days. It was hard work and tough at times but great fun too and an amazing experience. I will of course be writing a full update, but for now, here are some […]

Photos of Niger River Boat Trip – Pre-Departure

Having spent nearly a week in the small but friendly town of Faranah in Guinea, we managed to get built a river-worthy wooden pirogue and buy suplies to keep us sustained for the two weeks it was expected to take to get to Kouroussa, the next place along the river…

Freetown to Faranah – Bangs, Bees and a Boat

Leaving Freetown We had arrived in Freetown on the bustling streets of Kissy Road in the East End lined with stalls selling everything from second-hand shoes to fake Sony radios; and had navigated our way through the commercial district centred around the towering cotton tree, down along Congo Road and across the poor shanty district […]