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Photos from the Rif, Morocco

A selection of photos from the first fews days since arriving in Morocco… More photos to come, but the internet is slow here!!

What Lovely Melons

On the day riding out of Chefchaouen, I first passed along a fertile, wide-bottomed gorge, through Ouazzane and continued on the road south towards Fes. Throughout the morning I’d barely eaten or drunk anything since leaving the hotel first thing. So around midday, having passed numerous stalls selling melons on the roadside, I eventually caved […]

A Taste of Morocco

A Taste of Morocco

From Mijas in Spain to Chefchaouen in Morocco Last of Spain Having finally managed to leave the villa, I was subjected to a side of Spain I hadn’t yet experienced and was glad it only lasted 24 hours. To get to Algeciras, to take the boat to Morocco, I had to cycle along the busy coastal […]