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Photos of Djenne’s Mud Mosque and Monday Market

A small selection of photos of Djenne’s, in Mali, mud mosque and scenes from the Monday market. The mosque, the largest of it’s kind in Mali, was built in 1907 and the outer walls, which wash away with every rainy season, are re-rendered each year in a huge event in which the whole village takes […]

Photos from Guinea and Mali – the route northeast

A few photos from the cycle from Kouroussa in Guinea, where we ended the boat trip, heading northeast into Mali for Bamako and then on to Djenne.

The Travel Blues in Mali

The Travel Blues in Mali

Mali is famous for it’s music but I haven’t heard much and haven’t tried to find it.  I’ve been singing my own song and I’d have to say it’not very soulful. Having had a bout of literary diarrhoea after two weeks of paddling a pirogue down rapids and through shallow waters, I am now suffering, […]