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Video of Dogon Dama Mask Ceremony in Mali

Video of Dogon Dama Mask Ceremony in Mali

Another short video I made, this time showing the fascinating Dogon culture in Mali… a funeral procession and dance I saw when visiting the village of Djiguibombo: Video of Dogon Dama Mask Ceremony  

Bamako to Ouagadougou (part 4) – And into Burkina Faso

Leaving Mali Leaving Mali was tougher than I thought. Not due to any particular attachment, although I did enjoy my time there. It was the wind and the rough, corrugated, roads. Mostly the wind though. It tried it’s hardest to blow me right back into Mali, even after I’d got the Burkina Faso entry stamped […]

Bamako to Ouagadougou (part 3) - Escape from Timbuktu

Bamako to Ouagadougou (part 3) – Escape from Timbuktu

I had heard that leaving Timbuktu can be a time-consuming challenge. So when I was in Kourioume, still 10km prior to arriving, I was searching out ways to leave. The day was Wednesday. We could leave on Friday. By public pinasse. A pinasse is like a large, motorized pirogue. A pirogue is a small wooden […]

Bamako to Ouagadougou (part 2) - A Detour to Timbuktu

Bamako to Ouagadougou (part 2) – A Detour to Timbuktu

Djenne Djenne is a sleepy place. Except for Mondays. Monday is market day. Market day means hundreds of people arrive in town, congregate, congest the streets. They usher in goats and sheep, set up shop on the street floor to sell anything (everything afterall has a price and if it has a price it can […]

In Search of Food – The Bucket Boys

One familiar sight in Senegal was that of young boys, in tattered rags, walking the streets clutching large, empty metal tins (think Heinz baked beans tins, super-sized) looking for handouts from tourists, leftovers from locals. The boys rarely begged though. They just seemed to wander, hopeful that their tins and therefore their stomachs would be […]

Bamako to Ouagadougou (part 1) – The Harmattan and Hungry

It’s been so long since the last proper update I hardly know what to write about. I guess the simplest thing is to start from where I left off…. and that was in Bamako having recovered from the previous weeks’ exertions paddling down the Niger river. That was over six weeks ago. Bike Ride from […]

Timbuktu Cats

Timbuktu Cats

Firstly, Timbuktu is a real place – a dusty town on the edge of the Sahara in Mali. Timbuktu is a place of legend and many early European explorers through the desert strived (and often died trying) to get to this fabled town. For those who did arrive in Timbuktu, leaving was often harder. Not […]

A Change Can Do You Good

A month’s break from the bike seems to have been the perfect medicine for re-igniting my interest in my travels in West Africa and Mali specifically. It’s been a fascinating month and I’ve seen so much. I hope to get chance to write an update about the last few weeks (it’s been a while), but […]

Photos of the Pays Dogon – Cliffside Culture

Three days in the Dogon country is only just enough time to gain a small insight into the fascinating culture of the Dogon people who inhabit the small villages along the Bandiagara escarpment. The escarpment, a sandstone cliff up to 500m high runs for 150km. It is at the foot of this escarpment that many […]

Photos of the Pays Dogon – Faces of the Future

I spent a few days walking through the Dogon Country, a fascinating place in Mali with fascinating people. Here are some photos of the children from the numerous villages along the Bandiagara escarpment who were all too eager to be photographed…