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Togo – A Mix of Religion

Love lost in Kpalime Over the border into Togo I flew down the hill into Kpalime. Another town in Africa. My introduction to Togo. Friendly people. French-speaking. I checked-in, showered and sat down in the hotel courtyard with a beer to celebrate a new country. Soon enough I had company. Yana spoke to me as […]

The Simple Answer – Speaking English in Ghana

Entry into Ghana was overshadowed by leaving Burkina Faso, which I was a little sad to be leaving. But the immigration officials were friendly enough. While one slowly and meticulously filled out my immigration form (I could have completed it in a fraction of the time, but time is no matter here), I watched cartoons […]

Andalusian Delight

Andalusian Delight

Cordoba and Seville provided my first real taster of Andalusia. Moorish architecture and style with partial christian transformations hinted at the complex history of the region. Andalusia is also the birthplace of Flamenco and there is no shortage of shows and kitsch shops selling polka-dotted dresses and cheap fans. The region is also famed for […]

The Sum of all Troubles

One dedicated reader commented recently that I’ve not mentioned many troubles encountered. The simple reason for this is that, so far, I’ve not encountered many problems. Well, nothing that has caused me any serious issues. Certainly nothing that’s made me think, ‘why exactly am I doing this?’ or ‘what I’d give right now to be […]

Most heard phrases from France and Spain

A little bit of local language…. (as you can see, I’m far from fluent). Most common phrases heard in France: Que Horreur! (when raining) Bon Courage! (when cycling uphill) Bonne Route! (on all other occasions) Most common phrases heard in Spain: Buen Viaje! (when cycling) Buen provecho! (when eating) Mucho calor! (when sweating) Most common […]