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Last Days in the Congo

Just a short note on my last days in the DR Congo. (Will write about Zambia and Botswana shortly as will happily hole up here in Namibia somewhere just to get out of the rain… but today I’m pedalling on towards Otjiwaronga – good name huh!) Leaving Congo I planned to leave Lumbumbashi sooner. But […]

Togo – A Mix of Religion

Love lost in Kpalime Over the border into Togo I flew down the hill into Kpalime. Another town in Africa. My introduction to Togo. Friendly people. French-speaking. I checked-in, showered and sat down in the hotel courtyard with a beer to celebrate a new country. Soon enough I had company. Yana spoke to me as […]

Sierra Leone's Free Healthcare Initiative

Sierra Leone’s Free Healthcare Initiative

Earlier in the year when I was in Sierra Leone’s capital, Freetown, I visited the Ola During Children’s Hospital. This is the only paediatric hospital in Sierra Leone. It is the paediatric hospital that the Welbodi Partnership is working with. The Welbodi Partnership is the charity I am raising money for by cycling to Cape […]

Photos of Ola During Children's Hospital, Freetown, Sierra Leone

Photos of Ola During Children’s Hospital, Freetown, Sierra Leone

The Welbodi Partnership ‘Welbodi’, meaning ‘health’ in Krio In Sierra Leone, more than one in four children die before their fifth birthday, mainly from preventable illness or disease such as malaria, diarrhoea, pneumonia or malnutrition. The Welbodi Partnership is working at the Ola During Children’s Hospital along with the Ministry of Health and Sanitation with […]

Long Road to Freetown (Part 3)

Long Road to Freetown (Part 3)

And finally….the final part of the journey, from No Man’s Land to Sierra Leone’s capital, Freetown. Noises in the Night Camped in No Man’s Land, I woke numerous times in the night to a rattling sound coming from underneath the tent, which seemed to come from the left of my head one moment and then […]

Long Road to Freetown (Part 1)

Long Road to Freetown (Part 1)

This is the first of two updates about the journey from Labe in Guinea to Freetown in Sierra Leone. This part takes me as far as Kindia, where I had a short rest before continuing across the border. Leaving Labe We left Labe late in the afternoon having gorged on a cheap lunch of rice […]

A Whole Lotta Sand

Day 1 – Slow start Not even half a day in reality. By the time we’d had breakfast, packed our panniers, checked emails and then carried the bikes down the narrow stairs of the hotel it was nearing the end of the morning. We had decided to cycle the twenty-or-so kilometres to El Marsa port […]

Desert Runs

Desert Runs

For those who haven’t perhaps heard of the ‘Marathon des Sables’, it’s a gruelling 7-day race where the competitors effectively run a marathon every day for seven days, carrying all their supplies including water, across the Saharan desert. Why exactly anyone would enter this is quite a mystery to most. I mean, who in their […]

Slow Progress South

Slow Progress South

An unexpected encounter 100km out of Chefchaouen and I’m happily trundling along on the bike, my thoughts intermittently interrupted by passing cars where the driver or passenger provides some form of encouragement; be it waving, cheering or enthusiastically beeping the horn. One Landrover overtakes, but pulls over just ahead of me and as I cycle […]

The Sum of all Troubles

One dedicated reader commented recently that I’ve not mentioned many troubles encountered. The simple reason for this is that, so far, I’ve not encountered many problems. Well, nothing that has caused me any serious issues. Certainly nothing that’s made me think, ‘why exactly am I doing this?’ or ‘what I’d give right now to be […]