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Video of Biking the Guineas' Backroads

Video of Biking the Guineas’ Backroads

Well I’m back from another trip and finally have some time to spare. I thought it about time I put together some of the videos I took while biking through Africa. So over the next few weeks I’ll be gradually sorting through and uploading a few. To begin with we go to Guinea and Guinea […]

Video of 2 weeks on the Niger River

Video of 2 weeks on the Niger River

I’ve just put together some short videos I took while on the Niger River… unseen footage until now… You can check it out here on my new website: Helen’s Take On…

Photos from Guinea and Mali – the route northeast

A few photos from the cycle from Kouroussa in Guinea, where we ended the boat trip, heading northeast into Mali for Bamako and then on to Djenne.

By The Numbers: Paddling the Niger River

For some numbers relating to our Niger River boat trip,  see the article posted over at The Travelers Notebook:

Video from the Niger River Boat Trip – rapids

This is just a short clip of me and Lars paddling through one of the faster sections of water. Shortly after this clip ends, when we’re just out of camera view, we run into the bushes and I fall out, losing my sunglasses and flip-flop in the process. This is my first ever video upload […]

The Great Niger River Boat Trip - Part 5

The Great Niger River Boat Trip – Part 5

Day 14: 19th Feb 2010 Fast rapids – Boat unload – Stuck! – Decision to quit in Kouroussa It was a successful start to the day, with calm open water which Joliba II glided over with considerable ease. Boosted by our progress and steady rhythmic paddling, when we heard the distinctive white water ahead and […]

The Great Niger River Boat Trip - Part 4

The Great Niger River Boat Trip – Part 4

Day 11: Feb 16th 2010 Warthogs – Broken boat – Hippo encounter – Bush fire – Bat exodus – Uniformed and uninformed – Poacher or American? A long, hard morning paddle – at least we were paddling and not pushing or dragging, but the wavelets on the river surface were tiresome. With the ripples lapping […]

The Great Niger River Boat Trip - Part 3

The Great Niger River Boat Trip – Part 3

Day 7: 12th Feb 2010 Ou tu vas comme ca? – Bee island – Frogs and splashes Nearly a week into the trip, about 100km downstream of Faranah, getting close to the National Park and the number of people we are seeing has diminished – just the occasional onlooker from a riverbank and lone fishing […]

Photos of Somoria Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Sanctuary

On day 10 of the Niger River boat trip, we came across a Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Sanctuary. Here are some photos from our visit… For more information on chimpanzee rehabiliation and the Sanctuary, visit The Project Primate website

The Great Niger River Boat Trip - Part 2

The Great Niger River Boat Trip – Part 2

Day 4: 9th Feb 2010 Quiet morning – shallow maze – near-disaster – crocodile island Following a quiet morning on the river where progress was slow but steady, the afternoon brought with it a maze of rocks and shallow waters that slowed progress drastically. We would stop paddling and stand up to get a better […]