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Bike Equipment Review – After 25,000km

I wrote a review of the bike equipment after a year on the road, from Yaounde in Cameroon, after 17,000km. Now, having completed my ride to Cape Town, after 25,000km in total, it’s time for an update. Since Yaounde there has been little to fix – the wobbling wheel got worse but I lived with […]

Clothing Review

Clothing Review

Keen shoes – Targhee II I just love Keen shoes! These lasted the duration of the trip – that’s over 24,000km of cycling and walking when the roads were too bad to ride. Through torrential downpours, river crossings, muddy tracks and sandy paths. Ok, so they’re very worn now and I’ll need a new pair […]

Camping Equipment Review

Camping Equipment Review

Tent – MSR Hubba Hubba This tent was a great choice – a two-man tent which is free-standing and can be put up inner only meets all the needs of travelling in Africa. The inner, a mesh material, acts as a mosquito net – I frequently put this up on beds in cheap hotels where […]

Thoughts on a Rohloff-Equipped Bike

I debated a long time whether to get a bike with a Rohloff hub, or a regular dérailleur system. In the end, not knowing much about bike maintenance and being inherently lazy, the appeal of a low maintenance piece of equipment won. If, in the unlikely event something went seriously wrong and the hub had […]

Equipment Review

This is quite a thorough list of how the bike, panniers and racks have held up and problems I have had. Most people won’t want to read beyond this intro, which is fine. I just hope that perhaps for anyone planning a similar trip, they may find some of these notes useful in helping decide […]

Cycle Touring Maintenance Essentials

I have written another article for my sponsors Webtogs about some equipment I’ve found particularly useful for maintaining my bike… in particular,  a toothbrush! You can read the article here: Togblog – Cycle Touring Maintenace Essentials I am currently sat in a cafe in Cotonou, on the upper floor, watching the rain pour down on […]

Equipment List - updated

Equipment List – updated

Below are three photographs showing all the gear and equipment I arrived in Africa with on my bike. I have since got rid of the MSR stove and fuel bottle as I had problems with this and I forgot the bike helmet in Bissau (although I never actually strapped it on my head before then […]

The Birth of Joliba II

The Birth of Joliba II

(Joliba Fila – Joliba meaning ‘Great River’ and Fila meaning ‘2’ in Manding) Travels down the Niger River – 350km, Faranah to Kouroussa (Guinea) 6th – 22nd February 2010 The Idea The idea of a boat trip came about during discussions with Lars, way back in the early days of cycling through the Western Sahara. […]

Interview with Brian from Korean-World

I’m hoping to do a podcast interview with Brian in the coming months, but for now the internet connections in this part of West Africa are too slow. So, for now, I’ve answered a few of his questions here over at his Korean World blog. Below is a copy of the interview…. 1. What is […]

The Best of Times, The Toughest of Times (Part 2)

3 weeks, 4 countries, 7 boat rides, 1200km cycled. There have been good days and bad days, the best days and worst ones. At times it’s been tough and tiring, and yes there have even been tears. At times it’s been thrilling and exciting, and I’ve thought I must be the luckiest person alive. All […]