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The Plundered Planet by Paul Collier

The Plundered Planet by Paul Collier

For a second time I happened to be near Hay-on-Wye in Wales when the Hay Festival was in full swing. For those who haven’t heard of this, it’s a book festival that runs for two weeks in the summer and has an exceptional line-up of speakers. While perusing the programme I came across a talk […]

OK in Ouagadougou

I spent two weeks in Ouaga. Camping in the car-park of the OK Inn Hotel. Sandwiched between  a truck park and the hotel reception. Doesn’t sound so OK. But what more do you need when camping than a flat piece of ground in the shade? Not much. Included in the free camping was use of […]

Sierra Leone's Free Healthcare Initiative

Sierra Leone’s Free Healthcare Initiative

Earlier in the year when I was in Sierra Leone’s capital, Freetown, I visited the Ola During Children’s Hospital. This is the only paediatric hospital in Sierra Leone. It is the paediatric hospital that the Welbodi Partnership is working with. The Welbodi Partnership is the charity I am raising money for by cycling to Cape […]

In Search of Food – The Bucket Boys

One familiar sight in Senegal was that of young boys, in tattered rags, walking the streets clutching large, empty metal tins (think Heinz baked beans tins, super-sized) looking for handouts from tourists, leftovers from locals. The boys rarely begged though. They just seemed to wander, hopeful that their tins and therefore their stomachs would be […]

Bikes for Africa

I cycle because I enjoy it. I cycle because it keeps me fit and healthy. I cycle because I can. I’m lucky. A bike, for many people in Africa, is beyond their means however. On the other hand, a bike can be an invaluable, affordable and sustainable means of transport which can generate wealth. Charities, […]

Maneno – A blogging system for Africans

Maneno – Swahili meaning ‘words’. Maneno is a new multi-lingual, lightweight blogging platform for sub-Saharan African bloggers. The platform is based on a lightweight framework which allows those with limited or narrow-bandwidth internet to access and contribute to the site easily and quickly. Maneno is committed to all African bloggers and therefore is available in English, Spanish, French, […]

Reconciliation in Rwanda: Fifteen years on from the genocide

Reconciliation in Rwanda: Fifteen years on from the genocide

Rwandan Genocide on Film Today I watched ‘Shooting Dogs‘, a film depicting the tragic story of the Rwandan genocide from the L’Ecole Technique Officielle. There are similarities between this and another film, ‘Hotel Rwanda‘, which also depicts the same tragic story of the Rwandan genocide only set in a hotel compound rather than a school.  […]

Collier's Take on War, Guns and Votes: Democracy in Dangerous Places

Collier’s Take on War, Guns and Votes: Democracy in Dangerous Places

Browsing Times Online today, one article caught my eye, for two reasons: Firstly, it was about Africa – and anything involving Africa interests me these days, as the date for my departure from the UK and entry to this fascinating continent looms ever nearer. Secondly, it mentioned Paul Collier – the author of The Bottom […]