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Passing the Time in Congo

Passing the Time in Congo

Kananga to Lac Mukamba Kananga had enough distractions to keep me occupied for a couple of days – a quiet hotel, a small restaurant across the road selling good local food and beer, and an internet café. The first day I spent drinking. The second day I spent searching the town for my map which […]

Statistics update: 20,000km from UK to Livingstone

It’s nearly the end of 2010 and I’ve just hit 20,000km – time for some more statistics. Now according to my original plan, I should be in Cape Town by now, having covered that far. But the best thing about plans, like rules, they’re made to be broken. So Happy Christmas all. Greetings from Livingstone, […]

Cameroon's Highlands

Cameroon’s Highlands

Time to hit the hills. Time to take on Cameroon’s Highlands. Top Speed I cycle out of Bamenda, refreshed after the rest. The road sweeps around the green hillsides and I look out down the valleys into the distance. I am reminded of an English summer on a crisp, clear morning before the sun warms […]

Bamako to Ouagadougou (part 4) – And into Burkina Faso

Leaving Mali Leaving Mali was tougher than I thought. Not due to any particular attachment, although I did enjoy my time there. It was the wind and the rough, corrugated, roads. Mostly the wind though. It tried it’s hardest to blow me right back into Mali, even after I’d got the Burkina Faso entry stamped […]

6 Months of Statistics – The Road to Freetown

I’ve been on the road now for 6 months (I can hardly believe it!), so I thought it was time for a little update in numbers. Total distance cycled: 9219 km Days since leaving UK: 178 Countries visited: 10 Longest distance cycled in a day: 178 km (in Western Sahara) Average daily distance: 52 km […]

Statistics from the first month

For those who like numbers, here are some stats since leaving UK to my current location in Cordoba…. Days since leaving UK: 32 Nights in a tent: 27 Days spent cycling: 26 Days when it rained: 7 Rest days: 6 Nights spent wild camping: 4 Total distance: 1564 miles Longest distance cycled in a day: […]