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Video of Dogon Dama Mask Ceremony in Mali

Video of Dogon Dama Mask Ceremony in Mali

Another short video I made, this time showing the fascinating Dogon culture in Mali… a funeral procession and dance I saw when visiting the village of Djiguibombo: Video of Dogon Dama Mask Ceremony  

A Change Can Do You Good

A month’s break from the bike seems to have been the perfect medicine for re-igniting my interest in my travels in West Africa and Mali specifically. It’s been a fascinating month and I’ve seen so much. I hope to get chance to write an update about the last few weeks (it’s been a while), but […]

Photos of the Pays Dogon – Cliffside Culture

Three days in the Dogon country is only just enough time to gain a small insight into the fascinating culture of the Dogon people who inhabit the small villages along the Bandiagara escarpment. The escarpment, a sandstone cliff up to 500m high runs for 150km. It is at the foot of this escarpment that many […]

Photos of the Pays Dogon – Faces of the Future

I spent a few days walking through the Dogon Country, a fascinating place in Mali with fascinating people. Here are some photos of the children from the numerous villages along the Bandiagara escarpment who were all too eager to be photographed…