Bikes for Africa

I cycle because I enjoy it. I cycle because it keeps me fit and healthy. I cycle because I can. I’m lucky.

A bike, for many people in Africa, is beyond their means however. On the other hand, a bike can be an invaluable, affordable and sustainable means of transport which can generate wealth.

Charities, like Re-Cycle based in Essex, collect unwanted second-hand bikes, refurbish and ship them to partners in Africa where they are distributed to people who are taught how to maintain and repair them so they can then use these bikes. 

In Africa, a bike benefits many and can be used:

  • – By healthcare workers who can visit rural villages to provide medication and counselling to people living with HIV/Aids or malaria
  • – By children who have to walk miles to school, or simply do not attend because it is too far
  • – By women to collect water, firewood and food
  • – Unemployed people who can start a bike shop or delivery business
  • – As an ambulance service in remote regions

There are other charities outside of the UK who undertake similar work. Here’s a list, for anyone interested:

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  1. Another Organization:

    I met David in Ghana…

  2. Oh, that sounds great. I was thinking I need to get rid of my old and decrepid racing bike, that I think is either at my parents or possibly still at N.Lodge!! I was going to throw it out or even see if anyone wanted it for free. I can see if it’s good enough for Re-Cycle….I think my brother has a couple too.


  3. Where can I donate two very good bikes to africa?

  4. Dear sir/madam,

    i have just accomplished a fulfilling trip to cameroon in west africa, were we as a small group distrubuted 60 bicycles in 20 villages. I have never witnessed such a life changing experience which has made me so determined to do it again.

    I intend to make another trip, but i am need of partners to join in donating bikes. I woud be grateful if your organisation can support this cause.


  5. I don’t actually organise sending bikes to Africa – I recommend contacting one of the organisations I have listed in the article. Thanks

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