The Welbodi Partnership

I am cycling to raise money for the Welbodi Partnership – supporting the provision of paediatric care in Sierra Leone, where child health statistics are the worst in the world.

Welbodi PartnershipPlease show your support for the expedition and help me raise money for the Welbodi Partnership – DONATE NOW through Justgiving.

(Donations through Justgiving are secure, with the money going direct to the Welbodi Partnership.)

Alternatively, you could print off a SPONSORSHIP FORM and even ask you friends and colleagues to give as well. Completed forms and money should be sent to the Welbodi Partnership registered address as provided on the form.

About Welbodi

Welbodi PartnershipCurrently, more than a quarter of Sierra Leonean children die before their fifth birthday, mainly of preventable and treatable illnesses such as pneumonia, diarrhoea and malaria. The Welbodi Partnership aims to give these children a better chance.

The Welbodi Partnership has been working with the Ministry of Health and Sanitation, the Ola During Children’s Hospital, and international partners to create the Sierra Leone Institute of Child Health. In doing so, the organisation has built up a unique combination of local presence and international partnerships to support improvements in child mortality and morbidity.