Photos of the Pays Dogon – Cliffside Culture

Three days in the Dogon country is only just enough time to gain a small insight into the fascinating culture of the Dogon people who inhabit the small villages along the Bandiagara escarpment. The escarpment, a sandstone cliff up to 500m high runs for 150km. It is at the foot of this escarpment that many […]

Photos of the Pays Dogon – Faces of the Future

I spent a few days walking through the Dogon Country, a fascinating place in Mali with fascinating people. Here are some photos of the children from the numerous villages along the Bandiagara escarpment who were all too eager to be photographed…

Photos of Djenne’s Mud Mosque and Monday Market

A small selection of photos of Djenne’s, in Mali, mud mosque and scenes from the Monday market. The mosque, the largest of it’s kind in Mali, was built in 1907 and the outer walls, which wash away with every rainy season, are re-rendered each year in a huge event in which the whole village takes […]

Photos from Guinea and Mali – the route northeast

A few photos from the cycle from Kouroussa in Guinea, where we ended the boat trip, heading northeast into Mali for Bamako and then on to Djenne.

Photos of Somoria Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Sanctuary

On day 10 of the Niger River boat trip, we came across a Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Sanctuary. Here are some photos from our visit… For more information on chimpanzee rehabiliation and the Sanctuary, visit The Project Primate website

Photos of Niger River Boat Trip – Campsites

We spent 15 days on the Niger river – that’s 14 nights camping in the ‘wild’. The last night, having arrived in Kouroussa, we were able to check into a hotel! The photo slideshow includes a photo of every spot we stayed, except one night when I forgot to get my camera out. That night, […]

Photos of Niger River Boat Trip – Views of the River

Some views of the Niger River; photos taken during the two week paddle from Faranah to Kouroussa in Guinea…

Photos of Niger River Boat Trip

We expected it to take 10-14 days to paddle down the Niger River from Faranah to Kouroussa in Guinea. It took 15 long days. It was hard work and tough at times but great fun too and an amazing experience. I will of course be writing a full update, but for now, here are some […]

Photos of Niger River Boat Trip – Pre-Departure

Having spent nearly a week in the small but friendly town of Faranah in Guinea, we managed to get built a river-worthy wooden pirogue and buy suplies to keep us sustained for the two weeks it was expected to take to get to Kouroussa, the next place along the river…

Photos of Ola During Children's Hospital, Freetown, Sierra Leone

Photos of Ola During Children’s Hospital, Freetown, Sierra Leone

The Welbodi Partnership ‘Welbodi’, meaning ‘health’ in Krio In Sierra Leone, more than one in four children die before their fifth birthday, mainly from preventable illness or disease such as malaria, diarrhoea, pneumonia or malnutrition. The Welbodi Partnership is working at the Ola During Children’s Hospital along with the Ministry of Health and Sanitation with […]