Nigeria – It’s Been Wet

Out of Abuja From leaving the Abuja, it was nearly 600km and five full days of cycling to reach the Cameroon border. But first, back to Nigeria. I had entered Nigeria with some trepidation. I knew little about the country, but two words above all others I associated with it. Corruption and Kidnapping. If I […]

Nigeria – A Culture Of Giving

Nigeria – A Culture Of Giving

I met many Nigerians in the couple of weeks I travelled through the country. In a country of 140 million (one in every five Africans is a Nigerian), this is not surprising. I met Yoruba, Hausa, Igbo, Fulani. I met policemen, customs officers and many other government officials; students, professional engineers, teachers, preachers, international businessmen; […]

Nigeria – The Way To Abuja

Officials in Uniform My first full day in Nigeria was a long one. All 161km of it. The day was broken up with checkpoints. 21 of them. But no-one wanted to see my passport. Customs men wore grey uniform. Police were in black from beret to boots with automatic rifle slung across the shoulder. Immigration […]

Nigeria – First Impressions – Against All Expectations

I arrived at the border to Nigeria, wondering just exactly what would be in store for me. I cautiously changed my remaining CFA into naira, the Nigerian currency, expecting to be fleeced on the exchange rate or conned with forgery’s. On the contrary, the rate was good and I have since spent all the naira […]