Ghana – The Bike Strikes Back

Ghana – The Bike Strikes Back

The third update in the Ghana trilogy and we see the bike making a comeback. The long awaited reappearance! No more excuses for staying in Accra. Time to put the panniers on the bike and wheel the bike out the door. Start pedalling. Direction north (yes I know I eventually need to start heading south […]

Ghana – The Return to Accra

Ghana – The Return to Accra

Sequels are often a let-down. The original is rarely surpassed. Ghana, the second time around however, was the exception. Not unexpectedly though. After some R&R, my energy levels and enthusiasm restored, I knew I would see the country in a different, brighter light. This time, I wasn’t going to let things get the better of […]

Photos of the Gold Coast’s Slave Forts

When slavery in Africa was still big business, Ghana didn’t exist. The region we now know as Ghana was called the Gold Coast then. Gold was big business until slaves made more money. I visited a few of the old forts and castles, which are still standing. Thankfully, slavery was abolished in the 1800’s and […]

Tears and Loathing in Ghana - Bike or Bus, Not Both

Tears and Loathing in Ghana – Bike or Bus, Not Both

This is the long awaited update of my last days in Ghana before I returned to England for a holiday and to get a new passport. Hopefully you won’t have to wait so long for my take on Ghana part 2. Road to Larabanga Yet more corrugated roads. It is impossible to describe the effect […]

The Simple Answer – Speaking English in Ghana

Entry into Ghana was overshadowed by leaving Burkina Faso, which I was a little sad to be leaving. But the immigration officials were friendly enough. While one slowly and meticulously filled out my immigration form (I could have completed it in a fraction of the time, but time is no matter here), I watched cartoons […]