Video of DR Congo Train Journey

Video of DR Congo Train Journey

For those who followed my trip through Africa, you’ll know that I loved the Congo. And sometimes hated it too! But mostly I loved it and those experiences in my 3 months there will remain with me forever and seem to be a benchmark and comparison for all I have done since. And while I […]

Video of Dogon Dama Mask Ceremony in Mali

Video of Dogon Dama Mask Ceremony in Mali

Another short video I made, this time showing the fascinating Dogon culture in Mali… a funeral procession and dance I saw when visiting the village of Djiguibombo: Video of Dogon Dama Mask Ceremony  

Video of Biking the Guineas' Backroads

Video of Biking the Guineas’ Backroads

Well I’m back from another trip and finally have some time to spare. I thought it about time I put together some of the videos I took while biking through Africa. So over the next few weeks I’ll be gradually sorting through and uploading a few. To begin with we go to Guinea and Guinea […]

Video of Cycling across the Sahara

Video of Cycling across the Sahara

I’ve just created a short video of the cycle from Morocco through the Western Sahara and Mauritania. You can check it out on my new website: Helen’s Take On… video of Cycling Across the Sahara

Video of 2 weeks on the Niger River

Video of 2 weeks on the Niger River

I’ve just put together some short videos I took while on the Niger River… unseen footage until now… You can check it out here on my new website: Helen’s Take On…

What’s Next

The big question (when you arrive is Cape Town after 20 months cycling nearly 25,000km) is ‘What next?’ Well, here’s the answer…. http://helenstakeon.com/blog/whats-next/ As you can see, I’ve set up a new website for my new adventures. I’ll keep this Take On Africa website live, but most things I post from now on will be […]

Photos of South Africa

Cape Town!! I made it. After 24,600km and 1000+ beers! It’s a great feeling! Anyway, here are some pics from the last bit of the trip from Namibia into South Africa and along the West Coast. I spent the weekend by the Berg river in Velddrif (Thanks to Rusty, Kim and co who put me […]

Photos of Luderitz, Namibia

I spent a week in Luderitz – a quaint, quiet town. Perfect for relaxing. Photos of the last part of the trip coming soon…

Namibia (part 2) - The Dry

Namibia (part 2) – The Dry

Not much mentioning of the bike recently? Apart from one puncture (the first since Ghana, 8,000km ago) it’s been a smooth ride. Good tarmac roads since I left Lubumbashi – that’s 3,000km of excellent roads – and barely a hill in sight. Easy pedalling. Time to think; time to look around. Time to ponder and […]

Photos of yet more hills and desert in southern Namibia

From Sesriem I took a short trip to Sossuvlei to see the dunes there. Pretty stunning but dunes nonetheless. And I’ve seen a lot of dunes now! But with all the rain there was a lake where the river ended and well, that was rather nice. After that, it was a real slog south to […]