Bike Expedition

Travelling without books doesn't mean nothing to read

Travelling without books doesn’t mean nothing to read

I’ve recently started reading again. This happens periodically. I won’t read a single book for months and then something will spark my interest and I’m off. All my spare time is spent reading. I confine myself to my room with a book and large mug of tea, emerging at regular intervals to refill the mug […]

Equipment List

Here’s a list of what I am going to take with me. Details where known are provided and I will update the list as I buy things. (Items marked with an ‘x’, I already have.) Bike Stuff x Bike – Thorn Raven Tour. Ordered and ready to collect x Racks – Thorn Expedition Steel Rear […]

Not So Crazy Afterall

When I first had the idea of cycling from the UK to Cape Town, I’d never heard of anyone who had done such a crazy thing. I had met and heard of people cycling through Europe and Asia, North and South America, but never Africa. I don’t therefore know why it came as such as […]

A New Bike

A New Bike

For months I have been deliberating what I am going to need to take on my trans-African bike ride. Listing the basic kit I need is easy; the difficulty is in the details and the hardest decision so far has been choosing which bike to buy. After countless hours of research, I have managed to list my […]