Planned route across DR Congo

I’m currently in Kinshasa and really enjoying it here. It’s a busy city in complete contrast to Brazzaville just over the river.
I’ve been planning the next part of the trip – a route to get me to east Africa….here it is:

(Link to large map of planned route across DRC on everytrail)

(I’m waiting for a parcel of bike bits to arrive so hopefully I’ll get chance to write about the journey from Cameroon through Gabon and the Republic of Congo before I start on the bike again.)

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  1. Hi Helen. Good to hear you are enjoying yourself, while waiting for bike bits. Sounds like a rebuild to me. I use to have a motor bike it was known as a Bitza, That’s right, bits of this and bits of… You could end up with the same sort of thing. But don’t get impatient. Wait for the right bits and do the job properly, this next part of the journey is no picnic, you’ll do it I’m sure. from Tanzania, a piece of cake. Take care.
    Regards Clive.

  2. Wow! Looks like some route. Will be following you as closely as your access to the internet allows (which I suspect may not be great!). Good luck & looking forward to hearing how it all goes.

  3. Hey Helen,

    We got the link to your site from Adrian and Bruno, to Swiss drivers who just made it down to the southernmost point in Africa. We’re cycling in Africa ourselves, and after ten months on the road we’ve met six other cyclists, and all of them guys – Anna was starting to feel lonely!

    But no more, and you’ve got a hell of a route ahead of you through Congo as well. We avoided the DRC ourselves, but we know people who work in Lubumbashi and Katanga – if you need a hand, don’t hesitate to get in touch!

    Otherwise, good luck, we’re heading north now, who knows, maybe we’ll see you on the road!

    -Dave (

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