Equipment List

Here’s a list of what I am going to take with me. Details where known are provided and I will update the list as I buy things. (Items marked with an ‘x’, I already have.)

Bike Stuff

  • x Bike – Thorn Raven Tour. Ordered and ready to collect
  • x Racks – Thorn Expedition Steel Rear Rack and Low Loader
  •    Panniers – Ortlieb Bike Packer and Front Roller
  • x Water Bottles + Holders (3)
  •    Tools – pump, multi-tool, tyre levers and puncture repair kit… probably lots more, but I need some lessons on fixing a bike before I know what I am likely to need
  •    Spares – inner tubes, folding tyre… again, need some help on this one, but will have to research a bit more
  •    Bike Lock – cable
  •    Lights – as small as possible, for emergency use as not planning on cycling in the dark
  •    Bike Computer – to log distances primarily
  • x Helmet

Outdoor Stuff

  • x Tent – currently own a Terra Nova Solar 2, and meets most of my requirements except it is far heavier than I would like and so would ideally replace this. The inner will double up as a mosquito net
  • x Sleeping Bag – again, I have a 3-season sleeping bag, but is bulky so may invest in a down-filled one. still debating what rating I will need
  • x Silk Liner
  • x Thermarest
  •    Stove 
  •    Fuel bottle
  •    Pans + Utensils – lightweight titanium
  •    Headtorch – Petzl
  •    Leatherman
  •    Dry bags, stuff sacks
  •    Compass
  •    Water bladders – in addition to bottles for extra capacity when necessary
  •    Other Miscellaneous – cable ties, duct tape, etc

Photographic Stuff

  • x DSLR Camera – Canon 400D, although considering upgrading
  • x Lenses – probably one wide angle and one telephoto zoom. Still debating exactly what to take.
  • x Tripod – Velbon Luxi F
  • x Filters – polarising, UV
  •    Remote Shutter
  •    Digital Compact – it’s time to replace my Canon Ixus 40 I think…
  • x Batteries, memory cards, USB sticks, charger, cleaning kit

Electronic Stuff

  •    Laptop – a netbook would be ideal if I can find a way to edit photos on them. More research needed on this
  • x Portable external hardrive – JOBO GigaOne which is only 40GB so again may get something bigger
  • x iPod – my 6GB mini is still playing tunes
  •    Digital camcorder – something like the Flip Video just for fun


  • x Cycling shorts, padded
  • x Cycling shorts, baggy
  •    Tops for cycling in
  • x Cycling gloves
  • x Casual clothing – trousers, vest tops, long sleeved top, sarong
  • x Buff headscarf, bikini, socks and underwear
  •    Fleece
  •    Waterproofs – lightweight jacket and trousers
  •    Footwear – Salomon Cross-trainers and flip-flops (the ones I own are falling apart)

Personal Stuff

  • x Money, cards, passport, vaccination certificate + photocopies 
  • x Money belt
  • x Sunglasses
  • x Toiletries, sunscreen, wet wipes, sewing kit
  • x Towel – pack towel (Lifeventure)
  • x Maps – Michelin
  • x Books – guides, general reading
  • x Notebook and pens
  • x Alarm clock
  •    Rucksack for day trips / for carrying camera and laptop

Medical Stuff

  •    Personal First Aid Kit – e.g. plasters, bandages, antiseptic wipes, lozenges
  •    Medication – e.g. antibiotics, anti-malarials, antihistamine
  •    Sterile needles
  •    Mosquito repellant

 I’ve probably missed some things off, but will certainly update it once I leave.

At the moment it’s the laptop, camera/lenses and tent which I’m finding difficult to decide what would be best.

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  1. yeah!
    Your going to conquer the “Darkness Contnent”. Good preparation, all the best Helen.

  2. The trouble with down is that once it’s wet, you’re in trouble. It can take days to dry out and is never quite the same. Even though synthetic isn’t quite as light and doesn’t pack down as small, I think its ability to take abuse makes it a better choice for expeditions. Especially ones where you’re almost certainly going to get wet.

  3. Why Don’t you contact Camera companies for sponsorship? They might give you some lenses if you agree to send them some photo’s. Could be a good sponsor! You could contact Michaela at Olympus and tell her Chris suggested I get in contact with you. I used to work with them. I can always drop them a line if it will help.

  4. I would favour taking a GPS instead of a bike computer – much more useful. Since you will presumably take a mobile phone, you might look at a small solar panel to recharge it (and the GPS, camera batteries, torch, radio etc) and preferably use the same type of rechargeable AA batteries for everything. A small electronic voice recorder is a cheap way to keep notes, impressions, picture details etc. I don’t care for multitools like the Leatherman, which do nothing well and are awkward to use. Much better to put together a small roll of proper tools to fit the bike and whatever else that you might need to fix. A full-size laptop would surely be too much – I have an Asus EEE netbook which does most things. What about water purification? Malaria precautions? I have been thinking of doing the same trip one day – best of luck with it!

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