Article for Explorer Mikael Strandberg

Last week I was asked by explorer Mikael Strandberg if I would write an article for his website. How could I refuse?!

The tricky part was he said I could write about anything. That immediately meant I couldn’t think of anything to write about. Nothing. Nada. In the end I had a beer and just started typing…

So if you’re interested to read my ramblings which includes a bit about challenges see here: My Article (as guest writer no. 15)

Or more importantly to read about what Mikael has done and is planning next, then check out his site: Mikael’s Homepage

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  1. Helen,
    I enjoyed the article. It seems to me you are doing alright.Keep taking the photos, they will be wonderful reminders of your adventures and experiences. I’m a bit of a photographer myself and I would be pleased to have some of your images in my portfolio. it is really Spring here at last. Something for all of us to enjoy. pity about the Election, you are well away from all that. Looking forward to the next part of a journey you will never forget. As usual my very best wishes.

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