Helen Lloyd


Helen Lloyd was born in 1981 and grew up in Norfolk, England.

She studied aeronautical engineering for 4 years at university and somehow managed to hold down a proper office job in engineering for another 4 years after that. She’s always been a sports fanatic; primarily a hockey player (as much for the socialising as for the game) with some rowing, mountain-biking, adventure-racing and some snow-boarding thrown in for fun.

Helen’s passion for travel was ignited when she joined a youth expedition to the Indian Himalayas when she was 16. The next year she visited Morocco and followed that with a gap year in South America. Since then, trips abroad have included travels along the Silk Route, Karakorum Highway and back to South America; safari in East Africa; hockey-touring in South Africa and cycle-touring in Ireland and Cuba.

A knee injury has curtailed the sporting participation, but this gave extra time to indulge in her other passions… namely travel and photography. The end result is that last summer she quit her job, left England on a bike and is now cycling through Africa on her way to Cape Town, photographing all the way.