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In Search Of Beer – from the Sahara to Senegal

In Search Of Beer – from the Sahara to Senegal

Since my last update in Nouakchott, where I signed off at the point of disembarkation of the iron-ore train with decision to take a bush-taxi to Atar in the depths of the Mauritanian desert rather than cycle the 120km piste, so much has happened I don’t quite know where to begin or what to write […]

Photos of St. Louis, Senegal

A collection of photos from the last few days in St. Louis… Went to a concert last night of El Hadj N’Diaye – his group play traditional Senegalese folk music. Staying another night now too since there’s more music happening on the beach this afternoon. I’m loving St. Louis – it’s a great town to […]

Photos from Mauritania and into Senegal

In search of a beer – Photos from Nouadhibou, Mauritania to St. Louis in Senegal…

The Great Mauritanian Train Ride

The Great Mauritanian Train Ride

This is Africa After spending the best part of a week travelling through the desolate desert, arriving in Nouadhibou was an assault on the senses…. it felt like we had finally arrived in Africa: battered cars weaving down the dusty roads, swerving now and then to avoid an overloaded, donkey-pulled, rickety, wooden cart; the drivers […]

A Whole Lotta Sand

Day 1 – Slow start Not even half a day in reality. By the time we’d had breakfast, packed our panniers, checked emails and then carried the bikes down the narrow stairs of the hotel it was nearing the end of the morning. We had decided to cycle the twenty-or-so kilometres to El Marsa port […]

Photos from the Western Sahara

Made it into Nouadhibou in Mauritania, having crossed the Western Sahara in little more than six days. It was good, but time for a break…. There’s more desert where I’m headed!