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Photos from France (part 2)

Here’s some more photos from the journey through France, from Rochefort to Sauveterre de Bearn (where I’m now relaxing).

Taking the rough with the smooth

Taking the rough with the smooth

The sun’s out but the cycling’s hard… Since leaving Rochefort on Monday, rather late it has to be said… the campsite was lovely and the owners lovelier. I also had access to the mains for charging the various electronic gadgets and to the internet for catching up with everyone I’ve left behind. Another reason for […]

A confusing fusion

A confusing fusion

African and Caribbean beats from France Rochefort’s ‘Sites en Scenes’ Open Air Concert Saturday night photos Sunday night writing I’m sitting outside, with the drum pounding through the loudspeaker and r -everberating round the open space alongside the batiments of Rochefort. The beat is so strong, I can almost feel the vibrations through the soft […]

Photos from France

I’m now in Saint Sevre having a lovely time (the sun is now out!), just a day or two from the border with Spain. Until I get round to a proper update, here are a few photos so far…

First week in France

First week in France

1 day getting there, 5 days cycling, 1 day doing very little… I can’t quite believe it is nearly a week ago since I waved goodbye to the shores of ol’ Blighty for the last time (over the next two years). As I stood on the deck of the ferry headed for St. Malo in […]

Learning from my mistakes

The Story of the Leatherman and Other Things… The Leatherman I stop for a snack at a forest cross-roads – a nectarine and apple ought to see me through to lunch. So out comes the leatherman to slice the juicy fruit, which is rapidly devoured. To search for a much needed tissue, I carefully place […]

Warm-Up Day 4: A Wet Day...

Warm-Up Day 4: A Wet Day…

Warm-up Day 4. A Wet Day… … which explains why I haven’t left yet. I finally left Cambridge late in the afternoon on Wednesday, having spent the day in town reminiscing over the good times I had there as a student (remembering the friends and parties more than the studies!). I cycled through until dark […]

Warm-up Day 1: A Long Day...

Warm-up Day 1: A Long Day…

…but not many hours cycling. Having only got back from California Friday evening and recovered from mild jet lag, I’ve not had a lot of time to get the last minute jobs done. But I’d decided to start cycling on Tuesday, and that’s what I was going to do. I was up until the early […]